Going Away

Hi friends,


My work threw me a very sweet surprise Going Away party tonight. Appetizers and drinks at Ruby Skyy..

They made me feel so loved. No other office or team can or will ever compare to them… 


Jackie = My Living Diary

I tell her everything, go to her for advice, bug her with all my problems… and she always makes me feel significant. She’s amazing.


Mandy = A Kindred Spirit

I will always remember the business trip when we ate at Sweet Tomatoes and talked for a loooong time about our similar religious views and ethics. 


Liz = My Work Mom

She trained me, taught me, and has let me cry on her shoulder numerous times. 


Jesus = Boss Man (oh, and friend)

Best boss ever. Also a good man. He makes me laugh and encourages me professionally.


Alyssa = Friend

Alyssa gets me. We’ve learned a lot from each other personally. She’s a great person.


Pam = The Good Shoe Lady

Man, those shoes are cute. Pam is like sunshine. We’re not close, but she still cares about me. That says a lot about a person.


Linda = Hard Worker, Fun Lady

By day, she is super-professional-woman. By night, she is super-fun-crazy-lady. Ok, ok… she’s also kinda fun at work too. 🙂


Renee = Unexpected Funny Comment Girl

She’s sweet, hardworking, patient, and quiet spirited. Then – BAM! – she shocks you with her quick wit and humor and sends us all rolling, laughing at whatever comment she has made. Best student intern/does everything person, ever!


Mark and Robert = Remote Managers and Fun Guys

I don’t interact with them much, but it’s been a pleasure working with them both for different reasons. Mark’s passion is truly unwavering; Robert’s so much like me… it’s scary….and awesome.


And finally….Janet = Singing Lady

My fellow song-writer, the brightest spot in the office, our southern belle. She sang my Going-Away toast. And because I love her THAT much, I deleted the video from YouTube. 

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