Hello, Virginia

Mike and I have moved to Virginia. We left on Monday morning and got here Tuesday afternoon. I will write this blog as bullets because I am so tired:

 Monday’s Highlights:

·         Favorite quote: (From Matthew, who offered to help us make the drive/settle in, and then fly home on his own dime – wow). Matthew was driving. I was sleeping.

o    Mathew: “Laura…?” *pokes me*

o    Laura: “urghngg?”

o    Matthew: “I’m sorry to wake you up, but I have a bad feeling we’re going in the wrong direction.”

o    Laura: “Why?”

o    Matthew: “Because we just passed a ‘Welcome to Florida’ sign”

·         hahahaha…. to be fair, it wasn’t entirely Matthew’s fault. But that was funny… “I have a bad feeling…” hahaha…

Highlight #2…

·         I fell asleep again only to receive a call from Mike (driving the moving truck which was towing my car).

o    Mike: “We have a problem”

o    Laura: “What?”

o    Mike: “Your car’s tire is no more”

·         My back tire had shredded/blown/died a horrible death. Mike had to change the tire to the spare (while the car was still hitched and in tow), and we had to go to Walmart to get new back tires (since the other tire was bound to do the same soon).

·         Who thinks it’s strange that Mike and I had to spend hours at Walmart on two trips we’ve been on recently (see NC Vacation post)?? Weird…




Highlight #3…

·         South of the Border = THE MOST sketchy exit/tourist trap/truck stop area EVER. The pictures are all I can do to explain… (We only stopped here because I had to pee really, really badly…)



Tuesday’s Highlights:

·         When we got to the apartment, our landlord, Helen (who has been living here), had not moved out all of her stuff yet. In addition, the cleaning crew was here, and I was able to use broken Spanish to get them to let us inside just long enough to put my guitar inside before we waited in the hot parking lot for a few hours while Helen moved out.

·         Helen got there a while later with a friend and moving people and was very apologetic and friendly, and got out of here pretty quickly.


Since then, we have settled in and done some fun stuff:

·         The kitchen is done – totally settled in. The contact paper that WAS in our cabinets was not only 70’s-tastic but also disgustingly grimy. I replaced it. Check out the hideous stuff:





·         The dining room/living room is settled in. Yay for new curtains!





·         The bedroom is getting close, so no pics yet…


·         On Thursday I met with my new work people in Maryland. I get a work laptop – hooray! I will also be workling from home Monday-Wednesday of next week, which is kind of fun.


·         We went and played miniature golf last night at the course that is on the corner of our townhouse community and the main road. It was super fun!


·         Today we went into DC to sightsee. We hit the National Archives and the Holocaust Museum.


So far, that is all. I am SO tired because my body will not let me sleep for more than 6 hours at a time. I woke up the other morning at 6:45 without an alarm, and I was WIDE awake. I actually thought someone was playing a trick on me. This was before we had curtains up, so the sun wa shining brightly into my window, and I thought “*yawn* Ah, what time is it, about 9?” – then I checked my cell phone and watch and was astonished at how early it was. But I was up. I finished contact-papering the kitchen, made a grocery run, and unpacked all before Mike and Matthew got up.


I will try to write more at another time – and sound more awake. But I am happy so far – this is really fun, and I’m loving the area. But I’m too tired to gush. {insert excited jabbering here}


  1. #1 by Mommy/Mom on August 15, 2008 - 9:23 pm

    Your place is super cute. And so roomy! I think it seems like a study in contrasts to be going one evening to play miniature golf and the next day be examining the founding documents of the country! Both sound like tons of fun. I think many of us are jealous of your new adventure, but are excited for you. (Though some of us have been left behind, sniff, sniff, don’t mind us……)

  2. #2 by Jill on August 18, 2008 - 12:00 am

    I absolutely LOVE how you’ve decorated the new place. The curtains match perfectly! I’m so glad you’re settling in nicely and having a great time in your new hometown. Michael and I can’t wait to visit you! I expect our room to be ready, and highly decorated with pictures of me and Michael, of course. 🙂
    Love ya, friend!

  3. #3 by Danae on August 18, 2008 - 12:47 pm

    Somebody I work with told me you were moving, we were in a van going to Panama City and she happened to mention that one of their old Work Study type people (Mike) stopped by to say goodbye. Anyway, strangely enough, I was in DC on August 15th. I had to go to Baltimore for a wedding and Nathan and I went sightseeing on Friday…

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