Right now I am writing this “blog” from my work laptop in Word, because I am at my office and have nothing to do and no internet with which to do research. (The internet will finally be set up tomorrow.) So… this was my solution. Pre-blogging.


Ok, I’ve told some of you about my strange office setup (there is a formerly outside wall that is really an inside wall, but not to us on the 3rd floor – but to those on the 1st floor, who we look down on through our conference room picture window like monkeys in a zoo). It’s weird. The only way to describe it is through pictures.


But first, let me preface the pictures with another strange thing. Not only is this formerly external wall now an internal wall to the 1st floor office (but not an internal wall to our 3rd floor office even though it reaches all the way up to our office, providing us with a view of our 1st floor friends from our conference room and kitchen), but the wall also used to serve as a billboard of sorts.


You know those old brick buildings that had stuff painted on them as advertisements? Big cities are full of them. Well, this is one of them.


It has an old coca-cola ad on it which is bright and cheerful. It’s so old that it is advertising a coke for 5 cents. Yes, this wall is OLD.


Here’s the kicker, though. It says at the bottom “Relieves fatigue!” and at the top it’s supposed to say “Delicious! Refreshing! Drink Coca-Cola” but instead it says “Delicious! Refeshing! Drink Coca-Cola.” I don’t know for sure how old this ad is, but it cracks me up that it’s been wrong for so long!


Here are some photos of the typo/weird wall thing:







I am here at the office to babysit the contractors who are decking our rooftop terrace. I’ll take a picture once it’s done. I am the only employee here, and the only person in the building. There are two workers out there making a deck.


So, without non-internet-necessary work to do, and no internet (I even tried stealing some neighborhood wireless connections, to no avail), I took photos of the office in general. Yep, I’m THAT bored.


I call these “Visual Rhetoric: My Office is My Muse”…



This is me, in MY office





The view from my office window




Still my office…





Still the view from my office…






The view from where our writers will sit





These stars are all over DC. They were used in early construction. They help hold the walls up!






My umbrella in my coat/umbrella rack







Even my goldfish got so bored, they began to canoodle.



Before my photographic debut, I read three skuzzy magazines that our facilities manager gave me this morning when I took over for her as babysitter. Let’s see, “Life & Style,” “People,” and “Star.” Nice. Classy. Educational. Informative. Legit. Hmmmm… well, now I know all about how Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and Suri Cruise compare to one another in looks, upbringing, and favorite toy. I will never get those 4 hours back…



The phones don’t even work here, so my only communication is via my personal cell phone which, as we all know, has about a 10-minute-per-month plan. So I sit. I take dumb pictures. And I wait for the deck guys to finish.


Oh, interesting highlight. Our building manager came by and his buddy thinks I look Greek. He’s Greek, so he should know. He gave me the card to his son’s Greek restaurant in Vienna (very close to Falls Church), and I told him I’d try it out. So…Opa!


That’s the extent of my excitement.




Insert cricket noises here… chirp.


Oh, I’ve mastered how to look angry and apathetic at the same time. You may wonder why…


Well, on the metro, if other people are any indication, that’s how one is supposed to look on one’s commute both to and from work. I tried to capture the “mad at the world” look at home. It’s close to the real thing (as in, I’m better at it on the Metro, but my rendition at home isn’t too shabby)…



But I created a “Commute Music” playlist and listen to it on my ipod, so oftentimes I forget to look mad and catch myself smiling. *GASP* I know, I know. But who can help smiling while listening to “Dream” by the Cranberries (it’s the song when Kathleen Kelly is on her way to work in the very beginning) or “Be My Baby” by the Ronettes??


Oh, the deck is finished – here it is:



  1. #1 by Natalie on August 28, 2008 - 6:13 pm

    I love the pics and the office!!!!!!

  2. #2 by Lindsey Morrow on August 29, 2008 - 3:51 pm

    I like your angry/apathetic look. It’s hilarious! I think what’s the funniest part about it is that you have been practicing and even took your picture. Love it!


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