I *heart* Craigslist.com and the Dogwood Tavern

I got a FREE sofa from Craigslist.com that I LOVE! Now the Bohemian room looks like a posh hotel lobby, and I love it. Check it out:



It’s kind of sage green with gold swirlies all over it. It has a slight sheen to it (it’s kind of felt-ish-y fabric) which made it hard to photograph…


Then, it being Friday night, Mike and I decided to go out to eat and begin our exploration of the myriad restaurants in the area. We drove down to Broad Street, which is a trendy, historical, renovated “Park Avenue” type area of Falls Church. We saw a restaurant that looked to be just the right amount of “cool” and “yummy” and pleasant, and so we went. It was called “Dogwood Tavern.” And now I love it, and so does Mike.


First of all, I think it’s fate. You see, we sat outside because the weather is SO beautiful. And the umbrellas over the tables match our new curtains at home! Check it out:




They also had really pretty hanging flowers and beautiful wrought iron gates that led in and out of the bricked-in courtyard where we sat…



We got two appetizers, and salads for dinner, and everything was delicious. One of the appetizers was Mac and Cheese with Virginia Ham in it. It was homemade style and delicious! Both of our salads were great, too.




Aannd… they have live acoustic music on Thursdays through Saturdays!



This place is pretty darn close to our house, so I’ll know we’ll be back soon.


…Loving Virginia…

  1. #1 by Jill on August 30, 2008 - 12:35 am

    Ooo…that restaurant sounds really cool! I’m glad you’re scoping out all the cool places now so you’ll know where to take me when I come VISIT YOU! And the couch? SCORE!

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