West Wing

Our friend, Adam Kincaid, hooked Mike and I up with a last-minute night tour of the West Wing. 


No pictures are allowed inside (except for the press room, of course), but here are the ones we got:

This is Mike and I at the house, before we left. Don’t we look West Wing ready?


This is a pretty shadow from the security gate outside the White House


That sign says “White House Appointment Gate” at the top. That would be us!


Yep, that’s a Secret Service vehicle. Not so secret…


The West Wing. Now, turn to the left, and you will see…


Ok, it’s kind of fuzzy, but that’s the front portico area of the White House!


A clearer picture of the White House. The half-circle window at the top, center is the President’s sitting room. We didn’t see him. Darn…


The sitting room, zoomed in. Lights out. Maybe he was in bed already? 🙂


This is the press room. It is actually REALLY small in real life!


The entrance to the West Wing…


Seals were everywhere. I wished I could get some pictures of the ones inside. They were really beautiful. 


It was exciting just being on “this” side of the fence…


This is at the end of the tour. Notice the jacket? Fall has arrived!!


Bad picture, but that’s the moon over the white house. It was really pretty in real life. You’ll have to use your imagination…


That’s all the pictures, but we did learn one kind of funny story. During the Clinton administration, Hillary had an office and her own staff. In order to maintain civility and a sense of control, the staff developed a system whereby they would turn the Lincoln bust sitting outside her office to one side or the other depending on her mood. One direction = she’s in a bad mood. Stay away! The other direction = safe; proceed. If a staffer failed to turn it, and another staffer was caught off guard, it would actually cause some mild infighting! Of course, she found out and had the bust moved right away. The bust was sitting outside the Roosevelt room when we went, and looked something like this:




And on a completely different note, my rose bush bloomed!!

It smells so pretty. This bush was a gift from Mike for Valentine’s Day. I love that it continues to thrive and give me a little treat every now and then.  (As long as I leave it alone, it doesn’t die)



  1. #1 by Jill on September 20, 2008 - 9:31 pm

    Wow! That is so AWESOME! I am jealous. But I understand that you have to fill your free time with amazing things to try to compensate for my absence. 😉
    I love your cardigan and pearls…very “white-housey”!

  2. #2 by Aunt Jen on October 17, 2008 - 10:50 pm

    What a gorgeous rose and the color is amazing. I loved having rose bushes too…continuous gifts rather than one time flowers that are cut and die.
    I miss you both!

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