Rain, Hobbits, Waterfalls, and Football

It’s a humid, sticky, drizzly Saturday.


I had to get up at 6:00 am in order to go to the DMV to get my Virginia Driver’s License. (I needed a full hour to do my hair and makeup, since this picture will be on my license for years!!) The DMV opens at 8, but my plan was to get there at 7:30 in order to beat the crowds. Last time I went to the DMV, we arrived to see the line literally wrapped around the building. Not cool. Well, apparently I wasn’t the only one with the idea to get there early today. I arrive at 7:40 and was about the 40th person in line. Luckily, it actually moved quickly; once it opened, about 20 people were helped immediately, so I was out of there by 9:00. I look like a hobbit in my picture, though… A kinda pretty hobbit, but still a short, stumpy-necked (kinda pretty) hobbit. 🙂 Oh well.


Now I’m officially a Virginia resident and can officially reserve the tennis courts down the street whenever I want. Oh yeah, and vote…


Then, Mike and I wanted something to do before the 3:30 pm FSU game came on tv. So I thought “We live in Falls Church. We MUST have some waterfalls nearby right? Why else would this place be called ‘Falls Church’?” (In fact, according to e-podunk.com, Falls Church “… was named for its location on the falls of the Potomac, and for a local Anglican church…”.). I checked out the local waterfalls online and we drove about 15-20 minutes to “Great Falls Park” – it’s a National Park which has HUGE falls and a famous “funnel” effect. Why don’t I just show you how cool it is?


Having my morning coffee on the way. Here’s a shout out to my CB homies!


The road into the park. It is very pretty and totally unspoiled.

On the way out, there was a deer in the road! He/she ran off before I could take a picture.


A preview of what’s to come…

Getting into the park was free today because it’s national park volunteer appreciation day (or something like that). All I know is, we didn’t have to pay $5.










This was our first view once we got out of the truck. Bailey was with us, too – this park allows dogs!




This picture doesn’t do it justice. These are huge CLIFFS and the water is everywhere. The vastness, the expanse, the majesty of it all… it was like no waterfall I’ve ever seen.


Again, you can’t see the tremendous masterpiece that this is. In a second, you’ll see a picture that will help with the perspective of sizes…


It looks dull here, but it’s not. It’s so cool.


Do you see the dark blue dot in the center, with a yellow hat? That’s a guy in a kayak. The kayak looked more like a surfboard at times, and he kept going under and being swept in circles as the whirlpool effect pulled him down. I was so afraid we were about to watch one of the drownings that the sign warned about. There were other families at the overlook with us, and we were all captivated by this guy. He would go INTO the rapids, get pulled under, flail around, come up, get a breath, go back under…and so on. It was crazy!


There he is again. He must have a death wish. He is paddling TOWARD the deadly funnel… Sometimes all we could see was his yellow hat.


I snapped this right as Bailey will pulling himself up onto a boulder. He was a natural, and maneuvered the rocks and boulders very well.


I like this picture, because Bailey is knocking me over, and I’m laughing because I know I look ridiculous.


These flowers were so pretty. I love how the centers are different colors.


More pretty flowers (ok, weeds) against the backdrop of a powerful, roaring river.


My boys. Look at Bailey’s tongue. He looks like he’s sticking it out as a picture pose!


I like the stormy skies in this picture.












This was crazy… Look at how high the water has gotten! With the picture on the right, you can KIND OF see the water in the background. What you see is the TOP of the falls, before it crashes over cliffs that are over 70 feet tall. So for the water to have risen as high as these posts is completely amazing.


Pretty tree.


We took a trail to see ruins of an old town called Matildaville.










More ruins… Do you ever wonder if what we live in today will be the ruins for another generation to see and speculate on?  I hope not…












Along the trail… The good thing about having such a gloomy, overcast day is that the lighting was great for picture-taking.


More trail pretty-ness. Everything was SO green! 


Our day of exploration is over. Time to go home…


It started POURING rain almost as soon as we got back in the truck. What perfect timing! Check out that tired puppy dog and his floppy tongue.




Good day.


(Now we’re watching the FSU game. Go Noles!)

  1. #1 by Jill on September 27, 2008 - 6:16 pm

    Aw, this reminds me of going to the falls with you in NC. And I believe Mike wore that same shirt in those pictures…

  2. #2 by Natalie Icardi on September 28, 2008 - 6:44 pm

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Pretty!!!! Who took the pic. of you, Mike, and Bailey?


  3. #3 by Janet on September 29, 2008 - 9:54 am

    Ok – i get the feeling that you are loving Virginia! Your life seems way more exciting than being here in T-town. Maybe because everything is so new to explore. But you three are fitting in so well there! I thought of you this week when my cat took off. Haven’t seen him in a week and 1/2. Does this mean he is gone for good? i kinda feel bad, but kinda don’t. He had a good life in the fenced backyard. Eating all the time….Anyway, Bailey looks like she is having a ball. Hugs and kisses to you both. I got Conner’s school pics back this week and will be uploading them as soon as I get the CD i ordered.

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