…on another note…

Well I was going to rant about the election, but instead I’m going to post about our new church.

Upon leaving Tallahassee one of the things Laura and I were really concerned about was finding a good church.  As has been mentioned, it’s been a long stretch and many different churches.  Strangely it’s hard to find a solid, bible-teaching church that teaches verse by verse and is committed to the gospel, small groups, church membership and all those things we find Biblically important.

Well despite the distance, we’ve decided to attend and join Covenant Life Church.  Covenant Life was a church suggested by our pastors, but it’s a haul.  On Sunday mornings it takes us about 30 minutes, but it’d take over an hour, at the least any other time due to traffic.  That would make it impossible to build relationships and generate fellowship.  However, Covenant Life is doing a church plant in Arlington which is very close to us.

Covenant Life is a great church.  Josh Harris, yes, that Josh Harris, is the Senior Pastor at Covenant Life.  He took over for C.J. Mahoney several years ago (I forget how many).  They are reformed, but charismatic.  They have excellent teaching, we’ve heard from a number of the other pastors, and excellent worship.  There is a commitment to the praise chorus of today, combined with the faithful hymns of our forefathers.  We love the church.  

We’re going through the membership class and going to be joining the church.  In January we’ll begin meeting with the core group from Covenant Life who will be a part of the church plant.  In June/July weekly meetings will begin and then in September, we’ll “open for the public”.

We’re excited and would love your prayers for the church plant and its impact on Arlington.  I’ve heard stats that 93% of those living in Arlington are unchurched.

  1. #1 by Mrs on November 4, 2008 - 10:45 pm

    Praying for both of you as you join His believers at Covenant Life. May you be locked in and serving others in the body soon!

    And thanks for not ranting about the election. This was such sweet news instead!

  2. #2 by icardi on November 5, 2008 - 1:48 am

    That is great news!! Sorry to you, and apparently:), Mrs. W, as my most recent post is some political ranting. I hope that the church plant works out and that God uses you and Laura for preaching about Him and getting His word to as many people as you can. You are more of a man for not ranting about politics. Take care bro!

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