…of paradigms and politics…

Good morning to all,

In an effort to draw my wondering and often slothful mind back into the realm of academia, I have created a new blog.  The blog is entitled “…of paradigms and politics…”. (michaelicardijr.wordpress.com)  A professor of mine in college was enthralled with the concept of paradigm shifts in populaces and how they were stimulated, functioned and ultimately failed as a new shift occurred. I am interested in causing a new shift, politically.

Being in D.C. and feeling the energy and vibrancy with which politics captures most of the citizens in the capital area has invigorated me.  When it comes to passion, the topics are few and far between that cause a more rousing debate than government, how it functions, and why. 

I have felt a pull on my heart to consider how I am using my down time and putting into action the gifts I have been given.  I love politics.  I am passionate about politics.  I fear for this country.  I am horrified about the state of our country. 

Through this new blog I want to consider two things.  First, Constitutionally what should the Federal government look like and how should they operate?  Through this I will highlight policy areas, try to include research and  discuss a constitutionally-based picture of how a candidate’s agenda should reflect the basis for our country, with discussion on how this looks in the modern day.

Second, I want to take that policy and discuss Biblically how it applies to us as Christians and what it means.  We have become apathetic, lazy and disconnected from many areas and responsibilities as the Church.  There is not a better grassroots organization that could have an unending impact on the political climate as the Christian Church, and yet they haven’t taken action.

I ask that you comment, disagree, link research and discussions on topics and generally make this as interactive a forum as possible as it goes on.  I hope during slow times at work I can write more, but when it gets busy posts will likely be more spaced out.  If there are specific topics people are interested in, let me know, I’ll touch on those first.


  1. #1 by Mrs on November 13, 2008 - 11:24 am


    I can’t tell you how thankful I am for your passion for politics. In fact, I was telling Himself the other day how thankful I am that there are believers like YOU, who seek the word of God and seek to live in the truth! The fact that you’re willing to research and speak out blesses me tremendously.

    I will probably read your new blog, but understand this: politics scare me. I can’t think of anything more argumentative and divisive, or that makes me want to crawl back in bed and pull the covers up. Of course, this is exactly why we need YOU.

    Thank you.

  2. #2 by Pam Mitchell on November 14, 2008 - 12:47 pm


    It has been many years since TeenPact days, but I see God has used that experience and, I’m sure, others to give you a passion for the area of politics. I, too, am very concerned about the direction of our country, but it’s inspiring to see young men like you care so much. Keep at it! We need men like you! Many in the younger generation no longer know history so they can’t see where we’re headed. Spread the word. Thankfully we serve a God who is always in control. It’s great to reconnect with you through this blog. God bless!

    Pam Mitchell

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