Thanksgiving in the Blue Ridge Mountains

This is why it’s called “The Blue Ridge”



However, the men of the family were captivated instead by…

…their Blackberries! All three whipped out their Blackberries to compare features.




We hiked a short, easy waterfall trail the day Robbie arrived. It was sooo cold, and I thought I saw icicles on the falls. Mike and Robbie began what would be a weekend-long tradition of throwing things, in this case for the purpose of determining if they were, in fact, icicles. (They didn’t ever hit them, so we don’t know)



On Thanksgiving, we took a walk up to my 2nd cousin Bill’s house on the road/ridge above our cabin. This picture shows Mike trying to jump out of the shot. Doesn’t he look like some kind of hip-hop dancer?



This is where “throwing things” became a tradition. See, on our walk, we found a rotten pumpkin on the side of the road; but it was in fairly decent condition (it was still whole). Robbie wanted Mike to kick it, while also poking his walking stick into it. One of them (Mike, I think) ended up throwing it down the side of the mountain. This amused us all to no end (because we’re apparently 8 years old). Then, all three of us proceeded to have a contest to see who could hit the pumpkin with rocks. By the end, Robbie and Mike were throwing rocks bigger than my head, just because they could.


All of this transpired while my grandma, dad, and mom were chatting with some passers-by who had just bought the cabin “down yonder.” I’m sure we made a great impression on the new mountain neighbors…


img_3936 img_3937








img_3944 img_3943








I love these shots, because Grandma looks so happy!


img_3946This is the view from Bill’s deck!











img_3949 Another view of the mountains, on our walk back…



img_3955Thanksgiving dinner, and my twin brother and I match: black tops and khaki corduroys  Aw, cute.



The day after Thanksgiving, Robbie and Grandma left. 😦

My parents wanted to go get a “cut your own” Christmas tree, so we headed out with picnic stuffs for Turkey sandwiches, and found some picnic tables by a very pretty church:



The church had an old graveyard out back and was next door to a work yard where we found these signs.










They are so specific – I wondered if the tailgate-slappin’ bandits had been through these here parts…


The church driveway had ice/snow in some parts, which Mike played in…




img_3959When Mike stooped down to make snowballs, I ran.

(He missed) 🙂



We didn’t find a tree on Friday, so on Saturday, my parents and I headed out again. Mike went golfing at the beautiful course by our cabin.


And my parents hit the jackpot – they found a great farm with lots of good trees to choose from, and I helped them find this one.


































img_3972Then we went by a waterfall and saw all this ice!!


The waterfall is across from…

img_3976The Dollar General!
























The morning we left, everything was icy. There were icicles hanging from our side mirrors, and my parents’ tree looked like it had crystal jewels all over it!





The drive down the mountain was very foggy and a little scary…

img_3987 img_3988








img_3990 img_3992

















Once we lost some altitude, it cleared up…

img_3994…just in time for me to snap a picture of the curve where my mom almost killed Robbie, Mike, and me a few days before.

You’re welcome, mama. 😉

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