Biggest DC Area Snow in 3(ish) Years… Biggest Snow of MY Life!



Bailey has a snow beard

Last night, while we were sleeping, our little world got painted in fluffy, sugary snow. Depending on where you measure, we got between 4-7 inches. Up in Maryland, some places got a foot! Federal agencies were on a 2-hour delay, and my Whacky Jackie in Florida  tells me that the College Board Reston Office closed today (as did NYC). Wimps! *scoff*


Mike left today for a business trip, which meant that when I got home, I had to shovel the snow. I didn’t mind, though. I’ve never done it, and there’s a certain excitement to doing something new, whether it’s shoveling snow or trying out a new shampoo. (My life is simple…)


Unfortunately, I couldn’t get pictures of myself shoveling snow (that would be lame and dorky to set the camera up or, worse, ask a neighbor…), but I did get pictures of some other things…


img_5425This was what we saw when we woke up. You can’t tell in the picture, but it was still snowing. 


img_5431The sun came up, but the snow plows were still MIA… 


img_5436The plows came through… this is the corner by the Metro station. That’s a lot of DIRTY snow!! The plows are not fantastic… They mostly just flatten the snow…


img_5439After work, the backyard was pristine. New snow that fell during the day covered Bailey’s tracks from this morning, so it was smooth.


It’s also been super windy all day, which make my walk to and from work/metro all that much more, um, frigid. I bought a Starbucks drink, which helped, but nonetheless I was cold! I don’t know if I’ve said this before, my my office is right near the Tidal Basin (that big body of water by the Jefferson Memorial), so the wind and cold are pretty intense there!


img_5442No, this is not a plug for SunTrust bank. The ruler measures just short of 5 inches… 

The lowest they’ve been reporting in the news is 7 inches. But this is an outdoor table with a basket-weave type of table top, so the first bits of snow likely fell through.


img_5461This is the front yard…


img_5443Bailey quickly became enamored with this stick. Check out those fangs! 

And how is he not COLD lying down in the snow like that?? Crazy animal…








img_5460The end.

  1. #1 by icardi on March 2, 2009 - 11:32 pm

    the chairs look like they have cushions…………:)……….I am jealous 😉

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