Wacky Washington

On Monday, March 2, it looked like this:




Then, on Saturday, March 7th, – only 5 days later – I wore this:


Dude, I never knew I could be so pale. Thanks, real winter. Thanks.


We started the day by getting coffee at Buzz, our favorite little coffee/cupcake place that is in walking distance from Adam’s house. Then Adam, Esther, Mike, and I wandered down to Eastern Market to take in the sights, shop the local merchants’ booths, enjoy the weather, and have some brunch.

It was in the 70’s on Saturday, and gorgeous! I found a pair of cute earrings, Adam found some hilarious refrigerator magnets, and we ended that part of the day after dropping Esther back off at her townhouse.


We eventually wound up at Adam’s house, grilling hot dogs and bratwurst, and….


Because of my exceptional good mood (due to the weather and being with friends), and the fact that I am the #1 wife on the planet (humble, too!), I agreed to play….



Of course, I lost. See how few red men are on the board? See how many are OFF the board? Yeah, that’s a bad thing (for me, anyway).



We then ate dinner, played Wii Golf and Wii Tennis, and then walked to Buzz for some cupcakes (Adam got a Guinness Beer cupcake!). We ended the night with Mike kicking our behinds in scrabble. I came in second, and Adam came in third. Of course, Adam also had 5 “i”s at one time. Poor guy…


And whacky Washington doesn’t know that it’s March – it was in the low 70’s today, but we’re supposed to have snow flurries on Friday morning. Whacky!!

  1. #1 by Victoria Burg on March 23, 2009 - 3:49 pm

    I’d have to say, Scrabble + men with Burg blood = winners.
    Just ask Mike about my dad (who is the family champ). ha ha. Miss you guys!

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