Quite the Friday Night

Laura and I had quite the entertaining Friday night last week. I know it’s Tuesday and four days later already, but hey, we’re busy people :-). Aaron and Alyssa from our new Care Group at Covenant Life were incredibly gracious, inviting us over to dinner and get to know us a mere 4 days after meeting us for the first time.  On a side note, the Care Group has welcomed us, ministered to us and embraced the role of Christian fellowship in an awesome way.  That aside, we ventured over to their place for dinner and more.  We had an outstanding chicken saag (Indian Dish) and other Indian-based accompaniments.

Excellent conversation ensured and we transition to a game new to Laura and I, Settlers of Catan. What a great game.  It combines Risk-like qualities, with a bit of Monopoly and Axis and Allies, among other things.  All in all, a great strategy game, so great that Laura wants to buy it and play it all the time, and she requested we play Risk on Sunday.  I’m not lying or fabricating that, at all.  I was shocked.  It was marginally more jaw-dropping than when she asked this evening if we could buy Medium Salsa from now on, she called the Mild salsa bland and no spice.  I’m not entirely sure what has happened to my wife it’s a little scary.  Oh, but I digress.

Our game playing, combined with intermittent conversation, and consistent updates of the FSU-Wisconsin game on the BlackBerry, extended our evening to the next day.  As we prepared to leave around 1 a.m., we realized we weren’t going far.  Unfortunately in a parking lot of 100 spaces, with a good 20+ empty, they decided to enforce the 24/7 parking decals issued by the apartment complex.  Frustrating, yes, but end of the world, no.  Definitely a grace of God response because knowing my flesh and reactions I’ve had before, no way that was me responding that way.

So we go to get the truck at the lot it was moved to.  No big deal, we pay the guy, Aaron heads on his way after having dropped us off.  I look around the truck to make sure nothing was damaged and I open the driver’s side door.  Laura inquisitively asks why the seat belt was wound through the steering wheel and buckled.  Confused I look in and notice that the AC/DC converter I had in the lighter outlet had been taken out.  After quickly taking an assessment of the situation, noting my golf clubs were in tact, GPS unit remained and laptop hadn’t been fiddled with, I strode back to the gentleman who took our money, now quite a bit steamed.  

I admit we shouldn’t have parked there and deserved to be towed, no issues.  But it was quite obvious they had broken into the car.  With much discontentment I asked why someone had broken into our truck, he asked what I meant by that, and he asked how I knew.  After explaining the obvious, he indicted that they did it routinely for vehicles whose steering column didn’t lock.  Funny, I didn’t know that ANYONE had permission to break and enter, oh, that’s right they DON’T!

I took his name and description, the manager’s name, left a perturbed message for the manager who, of course, works normal business hours.  On the way home I called Arlington County Police Department where they verified that I could take the Towing Company to Small Claims court, and that, no, they were not allowed to break and enter.  A conversation with a lawyer over the weekend reinforced this statement.

I had a pleasant conversation on Monday with the manager, who despite my message, hadn’t returned my phone call. I indicated all of the above to him and other than asking if anything was taken, luckily it wasn’t, said nothing except that he had to talk to his guys and he’d call me back.  He hasn’t called me, I get to call him back tomorrow.

On our drive home around 2 a.m. Saturday morning I just started chuckling.  Laura thought I was crazy.  Maybe I am, but you would think someone who does this daily, and breaks the law on a regular basis would cover the very obvious tracks.  If they had unbuckled the seat belt I doubt I would have noticed the converter unplugged, but when something is blatantly wrong, other senses rise to the occasion.

Experience is the spice of life, or something like that. 🙂 I’ll try to update when I have some level of further resolution!

  1. #1 by Victoria Burg on March 24, 2009 - 9:07 pm

    Oh geez! Sounds like a great night turned into something not so fun. But, the salsa thing is funny. Everything should work out though (for the better, I mean.)

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