So THIS is Spring…

Last Saturday, Mike and I took Bailey down to the George Washington Parkway to walk the trail along the Potomac River and the pretty parkway. After my very first winter, I am experiencing my very first (actual) Spring. 


I’m not exaggerating when I say that I have NEVER appreciated Spring appropriately, nor have I been sufficiently grateful and relieved at the sight of green grass. What a contrast it is when you experience months on end of grey, freezing days where all you long for is a day without long-johns… to 80 degrees, sunny, and vibrant flowers blooming. And – I hadn’t even missed them consciously – but the birds are back! Wrens, robins, and small chirp-y birds are swooping and singing all around us. I didn’t even notice their absence until I noticed their return and bright cheer! Spring is here!


I took pictures, as Mike puts it, “every 10 feet.” I just had to try to capture the new life. I don’t know if my Fellow Florida friends will see the same immensity of beauty in these photos as I saw in person (they will, of course, see beauty, but will it be breathtaking to those who have not recently felt as though they were under the reign of the White Witch of Narnia??)… And, of course, I don’t think the pictures do justice – so those who have been in oppressed Narnia with me may also not see the beauty as I did. I hope you see some…





img_5503As Matt Gilbert from Care Group says, “There is no such thing as a weed… only a misplaced plant”


img_5498I wish I had a better camera… this picture has so much potential…


img_5504More “not-weeds”


img_5506One of my favorites! (If you click on the picture to make it larger, you’ll see more details… PS – it makes a great desktop wallpaper!)


img_5507Insert same comment as above… and this one IS my desktop wallpaper!


img_5511This loooong snake (see how he wraps all the way around back toward his head?) was lying in wait for innocent passers by like Bailey. Thankfully, a nice man warned us to walk far from the fence so that Bailey wouldn’t get bitten.



Yes, he’s foaming at the mouth. No, he doesn’t have rabies… This is right before I decided to let him swim in the Potomac River (see background of photo). The Potomac is super-duper polluted. Eww…


img_5519Cool sculptures greeted as as we walked closer to Alexandria…


img_5520This sculpture was made to look like a broken work of art… I think it’s supposed to be a Greek God of something. See the spear in the background? It was really cool looking. As you can see, Bailey agreed. 




img_5524I love this picture because of the bright colors. The blue, green, and pink all pop against one another. 


img_5525Green and pink… Glorious!


img_5527Grrr… dumb shadow. But you get the idea. Bright yellow, open petals, blooming flowers… prettyness. 🙂


img_5528Green grass has never looked so beautiful!


img_5529These colors were even more vibrant in real life!


img_5530I love the peace in this picture. I can’t explain it…




img_5533Doesn’t this flower look fake? It looks like wax. But it was real, I promise.


img_5534I think these are just tulips that are really open. Grandpa, any input?


img_5538The trail, on our way back. We had walked a long time, walked into town (kind of) to get Tropical Smoothie and some tap water for Bailey, sat on a bench outside while enjoying our treats, and then headed back. The boardwalk was a nice last(ish) place to meander.











Someone remind me to blog about today’s adventures later… Oh goodness.

  1. #1 by Jill on April 28, 2009 - 12:13 am

    Beautiful pictures! I bet you do have a unique appreciation for spring, seeing as how it’s such a contrast from the gray and cold wintry months. Those tulips are gorgeous–some of my favorite flowers!

  2. #2 by Phyllis on April 29, 2009 - 7:22 am

    Lovely! I know exactly what you mean about appreciating spring! I’m kind of having the opposite experience this year, though. In Russia I got used to really long winters. Here it seemed like I blinked and winter was over. I’ve been looking at spring in disbelief, still wondering where winter was. But I’m still loving spring!

    Your photos are BEAUTIFUL!

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