It’s funny, living in a different climate than the one you grew up in/know/love. All through winter, I promised myself I would NEVER complain again about the heat. So far, I’ve held almost true to the promise. I’ve reveled in the humid, sticky, muggy days we’ve had here in DC recently, and I am firmly committed to appreciating it while I can. 


You see, cold weather is only about 2 months away for us. That means I have approximately 60 days to wear shorts, get a tan, wear flip flops, bare my collarbone, and show off my shoulders. You should know – only in VERY HOT weather can I wear sleeveless stuff. I am so cold natured, that I was wishing I had a light jacket with me on the fourth of July when we watched fireworks on the National Mall.  I’m not kidding. By the way, that was the trip when Matthew and Natalie came up – I still intend on posting a blog with pictures, but I’ve just been crazy/busy… stay tuned for that.


I digress. The cold weather last winter, the hot weather now, and the impending doom of winter approaching have all brought about a new appreciation for me: an appreciation for my shoulders. It turns out, I like my shoulders! And, especially, I like SEEING them. I miss them in the winter. Them, and my knees. I have come to appreciate these bony parts as a sign of the heat, the sun, the GOOD weather. And, as I await my second arctic season, I am clinging to my tank tops and sundresses with a passion.


I had to take a new picture for my Dept. of Homeland Security ID yesterday. I intentionally wore a sleeveless dress so I could have a little reminder in January, in that 20 degree weather, that I do – indeed! – have shoulders (and knees). I lose these parts under fluff, down feathers, parkas, hoods, wool, and layers upon layers of winter wardrobe.


But for now, it’s 90 degrees. I’m sweating, it’s humid, my hair is frizzy beyond belief, and my makeup is melting off. But I can see my shoulders, and for that I am grateful.

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