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Silver Linings

I watched my friend’s cat the last time she was out of town, and I totally didn’t expect this kind of thank-you:


It was especially welcome, given that I am home sick – unable to talk (yes, to myself… or to Bailey). Yummm… I promptly “tested” one. Yup, quality. Thank you, Leen!!

I mentioned I’m sick. Well, I wanted soup, and we didn’t have any. Mike has the truck, so I can’t go pick anything up from Panera. So – I made some!


being sick = yuck

getting strawberries dipped in chocolate delivered to your door = awesome

Making soup that’s not only edible, but good = also awesome.


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Stuff we Icardis do

It’s scenes like this at Eastern Market that make me wish I had a nice digital SLR camera:


One night, I wanted to make my mom’s delicious taco pie recipe. It calls for crescent rolls, and we didn’t have any. No problem! Chef Laura to the rescue! I just whipped up some pie crust dough from scratch, and it tasted great!


Then, we were able to get these crazy/awesome seats at the Nationals game – padded seats, a waiter, nice bathrooms, great view, and FREE! All because of a great friend of mine. 🙂


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Top Icardi: Results

Regarding this blog post: Top Icardi (Poll)

The winner is…. Plate A!!

Plate A was mine (Laura’s). Mike’s was Plate B.

I may not be the chef of the family, but I guess I can plate a meal…

Thanks for indulging our competitive streaks! Another new blog coming shortly. Stay tuned!

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