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Wedding Photos

This weekend, Mike Walsh and Heather Stewart got married. (My) Mike was a groomsman, and I was a bridesmaid. Just a few photos from the weekend ahead…

Heather was stunning!



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Monitor my progress with the status bar on the right.

Help me keep it up! Encourage me, shame me, give me plot ideas… I’m determined to finish!



New word count. See previous blog post. Ohhhhh yeah.

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I am going to keep this short, because this is just my way of procrastinating. I signed up for National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo(.org) for short. My friend, Allie Brannon, did this a couple years ago, and I thought then that I could/would never do it. But this year I felt inspired. So, here goes nothing. I am partly blogging this because the NaNoWriMo gnomes keep emailing me and encouraging first-timers to tell everyone they know that they are writing a novel – the purpose is to shame me into doing it even when it gets hard (which it already is).

Here are the basics:


By midnight on November 30, have 50,000 words written

Don’t write the same word over and over

Write fiction and start from scratch Nov 1 (no previous drafts)

Murder your inner (and outer) editor and just WRITE

So far, here is my status: 5,761 words written. (This is below my goal for this point in the game, but I’m playing catch up!)