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You may wonder why I haven’t blogged in… oh, forever…!  Well, here’s a glimpse into our lives over the past few weeks (and coming up): 

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Nov 17 – Sign Lease on New Place

Nov 20 – Wedding Rehearsal (Mike: groomsman; Me: bridesmaid)

Nov 21 – Wedding

Nov 22 – Wedding Party Brunch

Nov 26 – Hosted Thanksgiving Dinner with Friends

Dec 03 – Mike’s Birthday (Happy 24th, darling!)

Dec 05 – Mike’s Birthday Celebration

Dec 06 – Arlington Church Plant Sendoff

Dec 12 – Move to Arlington

Dec 19 – Leave for Florida

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We’ve been a little distracted – in between all the celebrations and engagements, we’ve been packing to move, so our house feels like it’s in shambles. Add to that realtors coming over to show the house, people coming to buy stuff we’ve sold on, and Christmas shopping, and we’re pretty wiped!

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But we’re so happy that we’re moving to Arlington this Saturday. It’s on the same street as two of our friends who also happen to be our Care Group leaders! Yes, I suppose that makes us stalkers. And yes, Jill and Michael, I believe this means we are incapable of living on a street without friends.

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Why are we moving to Arlington? Well, to be closer to our Care Group (read: Bible Study, for you non-churchified folk), of course! And the church plant that Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, MD is sending off has finally begun. Redeemer Church of Arlington will begin meeting with just the core team in January and February (we have a few meetings this month, too). We’ll post a blog when we “go public,” because then we want all our friends to come!

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Please pray for us over the next 2 weeks as we pack, move, unpack, repack for vacation, and finish up stuff… like Christmas shopping. Pray for focus and stamina, and also for grace and joy to serve our new church, even amidst busyness at home.

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I’m going to post photos of the new rental house soon – as in, within a week (I hope). So stay tuned!

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  1. #1 by Mrs on December 8, 2009 - 4:33 pm

    Another blog I read is part of this same church plant! The internet makes this such a small world!

    Unfortunately, I check blogs on Google Reader so I don’t remember which one it was!

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