Stream of Consciousness/Bad Poetry

I had a quintessential pregnant experience this week.

Today I bought Tums. Yum.
And “ahh…” – much better. 

I began waddling a few days ago.
I stepped on the scale and hit my “scary number” and had a minor freakout.
Mental calculation: I am supposed to gain a pound a week… I have 9 weeks left…
Carry the 1… 
Means I will have gained 27 pounds. Gaaah!
Of course, I am supposed to gain between 25-35 total, so i’m FINE. But again, I freak out.

Got baby gifts in the mail and squealed like a banshee.
Put newly acquired ducky-themed hooded baby towel on a teddy bear to see how it would look on Ella.

I am NEVER going to punish this child.

Got some Charley horse action in my legs.
Started to feel the ligaments loosening all over (yes, even my shoulders – kind of hurts if I sit funny).
Felt one of Ella’s body parts graze my belly and tried to “grab” it. It felt like a foot or a knee…

Watched a little girl run along the sidelines at the neighborhood soccer game and it was Ella
in my imagination.
I fell in love.

Back pain flared up again.
Mike rubbed it.
And again.
Good husband, that one. A keeper.

Resisted tasting the famous sangria at Jaleo.
Smelled Mike’s sangria.

2 friends felt Ella move for the first time on Wednesday.
Peed about 800 times… Last night.

Tums again… Ahh…

I wonder why i’m so tired…?

  1. #1 by Joyful Imperfection on May 22, 2010 - 7:28 am

    this was the closest thing to a pregnancy flashback i have had. thoroughly enjoyed it 😉 thanks.

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