9 Months

Some of you already know…. I quit my job!!! And most of you all should know what a HUGE relief/blessing that is to me. I am now a Stay At Home Mom, or SAHM, going on 2 weeks now… and I simply love it! I have been busy with housework, nesting, picking out a paint color for Ella’s room, running errands, cooking meals for when Ella comes (and for a friend who just had her baby), going to weekly prenatal appointments, researching pediatricians, and – when I allow myself to relax – time at the pool. It feels sooooooooo good to be in the water – like I’m not even pregnant. I wish I could sleep in the pool. But, alas, the time always comes that I have to get out, and as I pull my 9-month pregnant self out of the water, gravity pulls on my big belly so hard, I feel like I am being sucked down to the earth.

Speaking of being 9 months pregnant, I have observed some funny truths… Allow me to share. Being 9 months pregnant means:

– Starting all my phone calls with:

*ring ring*
Other person: “Hello?”
Me: “Hi, it’s me. And no, I am NOT in labor.”

– Wearing the same things over and over and over again. I have two shirts: a yellow t-shirt and a green nicer (but still t-shirt-y) shirt. I have 2 pairs of shorts. I have one knee-length, casual dress and one long, flow-y (but still casual) dress. I have 3 tank tops and some pretty comfortable sleep shorts/shirts. It makes getting ready to go out REALLY easy. With so few options, I am resigned to the fact that people will see me wear the same outfits day after day. If they want variety, they can buy me new clothes.

– My best nights of sleep involve 8 regular pillows, a neck pillow, a throw pillow, and a few stuffed animals. I create a wedge/nest whereby my belly is propped up, my back is supported while I’m laying on my side, my knees are propped apart, my legs don’t cramp, and my arms don’t fall asleep. This is intricate stuff, people. Of course, when I wake up because my softening bones are making my left hip hurt and I need to switch to my right side (pregnant women are told not to sleep on their backs), I have to rearrange my nest. This involves me having to flip over, which is basically an Olympic sport. I lift one leg and one arm in the air and heave them World-Cup-scissor-kick-style to give me enough momentum to sit up and scoot onto my other side. Pee breaks: same process. Limbs flailing, guttural noises, and the occasional wince/gasp when my sciatic nerve disagrees with my change of position. I am a sight to behold. Beautiful, graceful, coordinated… It is truly amazing that my acrobatic feats do not wake Mike up, since they happen – between hip soreness and pee breaks – about 6-8 times a night.

– 4AM snacks. Yup.

– Hearing from the grocery store stock girl, the CVS checkout lady, and the loitering man on the street that I am having a boy, and he is coming NOW. The loiterer actually said to me, unsolicited: “You’re having a boy.” When I politely told him he was wrong, he responded with “Your ultrasound was wrong; you’re having a boy. Trust me.” And the CVS clerk: “Ooh, girl… *nods head knowingly* tonight’s the night.” Me: “I have a month left.” Clerk: “Oh… cuz I was sure you was lookin like you was ready to have that baby.” World, let me translate that for you: “You are waddling so much and you are so huge that I thought you were a clear MONTH further along than you actually are.”

– My freezer containing more ice cream than any other food:

Now that I’m getting this whole SAHM thing down, I am hoping to be better about blogging – right up until I have pictures of a certain newborn girl to share with you… at which point I won’t be blogging for a while. Call me crazy, but I’ll be a little busy.

And, to those friends who have told me that my harmless and charming anecdotes have scared them away from procreating, read this: There is nothing – not one symptom or host of symptoms, nor any discomfort or inconvenience, not pee breaks or breaches of privacy and social etiquette  – nothing that would make this not worth it. God gave us a little person to take care of and love and snuggle and teach, and she is worth every single discomfort that pregnancy can cause. Because soon, I will see her face. And one day, I pray, I will have the honor, with Mike, of leading her to her own faith in Jesus Christ. To think of worshipping beside my beautiful daughter and praising the God who created her… it takes my breath away. And no, that’s not just Ella squishing my lungs. 🙂

  1. #1 by Rita Hall on June 30, 2010 - 11:21 am

    Laura, you are so precious. You are funny 🙂 and serious and you are going to be the most wonderful Mommy (or whatever you will be called) to not only Ella, but those who come in the future.
    God bless you and Michael in all you do.
    With lots of love!

  2. #2 by Joyful Imperfection on June 30, 2010 - 8:14 pm

    Do you have a boy name lined up just in case random loiterer is correct? 😉

    • #3 by Rita Hall on July 1, 2010 - 10:50 am

      “MICHAEL” ! …?

  3. #4 by Shanna on July 1, 2010 - 8:55 pm

    I live the college board water bottle! Ha! I am happy for you!

  4. #5 by Shannon McLaughlin on July 18, 2010 - 8:13 am

    I totally laughed out loud at your post! So many memories of being there myself. SO TRUE!! I just heard that you have a newborn and we are thrilled for you. I hope her birth was all you hoped for. Blessings to you both!

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