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Every Party Has a Pooper…

That’s why we… had a baby…?

Since having a baby, we have received tons of advice. I try to be open and gracious and just nod my head and say “mmhmm” each time, but sometimes it’s harder than others. The most difficult stuff to ignore, though, is when people feel the need to rain on our parade. It’s the Just Wait Syndrome, or JWS, and my friend Jill and I have discussed it at length. We officially think it’s a nationwide epidemic.

JWS goes a little something like this. I say something good, like “I just won the lottery!” and the listener says something like “Oh, just wait… those taxes will kill you.”


JWS strikes with any big occasion, and having a baby is no different. Here are some recent, real examples:

Us: We’re having a baby!

People: That’s great… are you nauseous?

Me: No

People: Oh, well… just wait until those ankles swell!

Us: It’s a girl!

People: Aw, so sweet. Just wait until you have to pay for the wedding, though…

Us: Laura’s going to give birth at a birth center, with no drugs.

People: Just wait until she’s in the middle of it. She’ll be begging for an epidural then.

(Incidentally, I didn’t. And I gave birth with no drugs. So there. Ninny ninny boo boo.)

Us: Ella has been so easy.

People: Just wait until she’s 11 and hates you.

(This is a personal pet peeve. I do not plan on Ella ever hating us. I never hated my parents. Never. I think it’s healthy and good to raise her to love and respect us, and then expect that to happen. But I digress.)

Us: She’s a sleepy baby. She slept xx hours last night!

People: Just wait until she’s teething. She won’t sleep that long, then!

I know most of the time, these people mean well. Sometimes they’re trying to be funny; other times they are trying to set me up to have realistic expectations. Many times, these are coworkers or friends, and I would hate to make them feel bad for saying something offhanded. So… readers. What DO I say when JWS strikes?