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Ella… New Pictures!

Hey gang, I’ll just cut to the chase. Y’all want to see cute pictures of Ella, right? Well here’s a sampling…

This is from the night of our first post-baby date (the one where I cried at the end, because I missed Ella… romantic, I know). So, this would have been August 20th, I think. Isn’t Mike handsome?? Oh yeah, and Ella’s cute, too. 😉

This is from late August, wearing the outfit that Grandma and Grandpa (my parents – the Garments) bought her. Do I dress Ella up like a doll..? Maybe…

Ella is smiling now!

I love this picture of Ella… she looks so peaceful.

This picture is from this morning…

We are fighting a thrush infection using a natural remedy called “Gentian Violet.” It’s very, uhh… violet.

And, finally… Ella is rolling over now! Check it out:


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