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Picture Highlight Reel

I suddenly realized I haven’t posted pictures in a really long time. So, for you non-Facebookers who have been left in the dark… here you go!

Christmas Day

Back in November. Wesley friends, together again!

Thanksgiving Day

Post-first solid food (post-cleanup). January 15, 2011


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Pop Rocks

That’s what freezing rain looks like. pop rocks, kosher salt, lost treasure (specifically, diamonds). Clumps of crystals dive-bombing to the ground. The ground sparkles because of the thin layer of gravel, which is really just ice. It’s beautiful! And weird.

It’s supposed to transition to actual snow, and we’re expecting to get 4-8 inches tonight, which effectively canceled Mike’s day trip to South Carolina tomorrow. Yay! Maybe instead we can go sledding together…

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Mommy Moment

I just left Ella’s room. Know what I was doing? Singing “Amazing Grace” at the top of my lungs while lying on the floor… while Ella screamed in her crib. What, doesn’t every mom do that..?