I’m Only Kind of Falling Apart

For those who read this blog or know me in person, you probably know I’m pregnant (see previous post) and have been having severe lightheadedness. I blacked out at the grocery store several weeks ago and have been getting tests done ever since to try to figure it all out.
Yesterday morning, I was extremely lightheaded and couldn’t stand up. I ended up texting a friend who was able to come over and help – she cooked breakfast, got my kid dressed, read her books, and babysat me until I was a little better. I am actually *really* grateful that I felt so lightheaded, because I already had a cardiologist appointment scheduled, and they could run tests while I felt bad – which is what helped us get answers. So – praise God for His sovereignty there! 
Basically, my blood pressure is VERY, VERY low, which causes the lightheadedness. The main cause for the overall low BP is my pregnancy; actually, most women get lower BPs while pregnant, but mine has just gone TOO low. For those interested in the numbers, my BP at the beginning of my pregnancy was hovering around 115-120 systolic (the top number). Yesterday, it was holding steady at 82 systolic. 
Moving forward, most people in my situation would be put on medication, but since I am pregnant, I have to try to manage this by adjusting my diet, because the BP drugs are not compatible with pregnancy. So I have to significantly increase my salt intake and hydrate a ton. The doctor told me I need to try to retain fluids… just what every pregnant woman wants to hear, right?? But I am rejoicing at having an answer, and also because now I have an excuse to eat my sodium-filled pasta roni and frozen pizza. 🙂
The doctor doesn’t have high hopes for my lightheadedness going away completely until I have the baby, but he does think I will be able to manage it with my diet and avoid fainting. So my limited functionality continues, but with hope for controlling it.
Praise God for all of you who have been helping and praying – thank you!! Please keep praying (and helping!). You have no idea how much of a difference it makes to me.
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